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Enterprise 21 Lot TraceabilityWatch the Enterprise 21 Lot Traceability DemoThe Enterprise 21 ERP system provides complete lot tracking from receipt of inbound ingredient and component lots which are consumed in manufacturing and ultimately shipped out to customers. Enterprise 21 supports both forward traceability from ingredients to customer shipments, and backward traceability from customer shipments, to manufactured lots, and finally to ingredient or component receipt from suppliers. In additional to lot number tracking, the lot tracking process also includes tracking of lots’ properties, grades, and testing results. Read More...

Lot Traceability Highlights

  • Supports forward lot traceability from ingredients through manufacturing processes to finished goods, which are ultimately shipped to customers
  • Supports backward lot traceability from finished goods back into manufacturing processes to ingredient and component receipts from suppliers
  • Supports complete chain of custody or product pedigree management and reporting
  • System and procedural controls are required to provide the source and destination of a given lot to support product recalls
  • Supports complete QC processes of inbound receipts and manufactured products
  • Complete visibility to which vendor supplied a specific lot and which customers received a specific finished good lot
  • Complete visibility to recorded lot properties for ingredients, components, and finished goods
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