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Enterprise 21’s business intelligence functionality is fully-integrated within the application. The business intelligence (BI) functionality provides real-time information presented in a variety of manners that best meet individual users’ preferences. Read More...

At the heart of Enterprise 21’s business intelligence system is the fully-integrated decision support functionality. Through the decision support system, TGI customers can deploy dashboards and key performance indicators (KPI’s). Additionally, Enterprise 21 users can drill-down on the data presented in the decision support system to perform analytical analysis. The data presented in the decision support system is populated automatically from transactional data in Enterprise 21.

In addition to KPI’s and dashboards, Enterprise 21 includes workbenches which are consolidated views of a variety of associated data for review and action. Workbenches are created without modification to application source code. From a workbench, users can navigate to all other areas in the system to perform transactions, run reports, or drill-down to more detailed data.

Furthermore, Enterprise 21 includes hundreds of standard reports and forms which were created by TGI using Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports can be used to customize standard documents and create customer-specific ad-hoc reports and forms.

Through this combination of functionality, Enterprise 21 delivers a powerful and flexible business intelligence and reporting solution to manufacturing and distribution companies.

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