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Once manufacturers and distributors have reviewed and evaluated the vendors’ written response to the request for proposal, the organization is ready to move into the Scripted Software Demonstrations phase of the ERP software selection process. In this phase of the process, organizations will construct a written software demonstration script, which defines the specific business processes each ERP vendor should demonstrate during the scripted demonstration. Manufacturing and distribution organizations should also provide sample company-specific data, such as products, customers, vendors, and pricing, to make the organization’s business processes come to life during the demonstration. Participants should also have scorecards to be completed during the scripted demonstration. This provides the organization the ability to gather quantitative data as to how each vendor performed relative to all of the documented processes. Through this process, manufacturers and distributors are able to reach a consensus as to which ERP software vendor best meets the organization’s cultural and business software requirements. Read More...

For more detailed information about the Scripted Software Demonstrations phase of the ERP software selection process, please review TGI’s online Scripted Software Demonstrations resources.

Scripted Software Demonstrations Resources

To review the final phase in the ERP software selection process, please visit Reference Calls, Site Visit, and Supplier Selection.

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