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Cloud vs. Self-Hosted ERP
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The E21 ERP system can be deployed as either a self-hosted ERP or as a hosted ERP solution based on business needs and organizational preferences. Unlike many ERP solutions on the market, E21 ERP offers manufacturers and distributors a choice for how their ERP system is deployed and where their business data resides.

When deploying E21 as a self-hosted ERP, we typically recommend a two-server (or two virtual machine) approach for the on-premise environment in which one server acts as the database server running Microsoft SQL Server (or Oracle), and a second server acts as a web application server running Windows IIS.

If deploying E21 as a hosted ERP solution, organizations have the flexibility to work with the hosting provider of their choice, including utilizing ERP hosting services from the E21 Services group.

Most importantly, given E21’s flexible deployment options, organizations can start by deploying E21 as a self-hosted ERP and, if business needs change, migrate the system to a hosted ERP environment at a later time (or vice versa). Whether internal IT resources, hardware investment costs, data retention and backup policies, security, or redundancy are the primary drivers in your decision-making process, with E21 ERP, it’s all about choice and flexibility when it comes to deploying the application as a self-hosted ERP or hosted ERP solution.

Self-Hosted ERP vs. Hosted ERP Highlights

  • E21 ERP can be deployed as a self-hosted ERP solution following a traditional on-premise model
  • E21 ERP can also be deployed as a hosted ERP solution using a hosting provider of the organization’s choosing, including using E21 Services as the hosting provider
  • Can migrate from one deployment model to another any time as business needs, requirements, and resources change
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