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How long has TGI been in business?

TGI was founded in 1990.

Is TGI a publicly-traded or privately-held company?

TGI is a privately-held organization. TGI’s founding senior management has remained actively involved in TGI’s day-to-day business operations since the company’s inception.

With all the consolidations in the software industry, is TGI a viable company?

TGI has a history characterized by long-term growth and profitability. TGI has never been bought, sold, or acquired. With one of the highest gross revenue per employee ratios of any company in the ERP software industry, TGI has a history characterized by sustained business growth and profitability.

What makes TGI different from other ERP software companies?

TGI is not the typical ERP software company. TGI has developed Enterprise 21 ERP software entirely in-house with no third-party software development or add-ons. From providing application source code with every Enterprise 21 sale, to our long-term business and technology development focus, TGI is truly unique in the ERP software industry. To learn more about TGI’s key business differentiators, please visit The TGI Difference.

How frequently does TGI release a major upgrade to Enterprise 21?

TGI typically releases a new, major upgrade to Enterprise 21 every 18-24 months. All TGI customers on annual maintenance receive the latest Enterprise 21 software upgrades and releases at no additional cost.

Does TGI have a formal users group?

TGI meets with the Enterprise 21 user community each year at TGI’s annual users’ conference. Session topics typically include reviews of the latest release of Enterprise 21, product demonstrations, hands-on user training, best practice discussions, and interactive workshops to discuss customer priorities for future Enterprise 21 enhancements.

What technology was used to create Enterprise 21?

The Enterprise 21 ERP software application is written in Delphi. Delphi is the most widely used, commercially available graphical development environment in the world. Delphi provides the ultimate productivity through a revolutionary Enterprise Core Objects (ECO) framework, an enhanced visual component library, and a fully-integrated suite of modeling and ALM tools. There is nothing within the Enterprise 21 application that is proprietary in any way.

What technology platforms support Enterprise 21?

TGI feels that an open system approach is optimal, so Enterprise 21 is server and database independent. The Enterprise 21 application can be used in a combination of operating system environments. Enterprise 21 can operate in any ODBC-compliant database. In addition to running the application locally, the package can be deployed via a managed infrastructure or Software as a Service (SaaS) model. For additional information, please visit the technology section of our website.

How is Enterprise 21 licensed?

Enterprise 21 is licensed on a concurrent-user basis. Enterprise 21 is sold as a fully-integrated ERP software suite. There is no module or specific functionality that TGI offers that is not included in Enterprise 21.

Is the application source code available for purchase or escrow?

The only way TGI sells Enterprise 21 is with the application source code included at no additional cost. TGI feels this model is important because it provides the customer maximum control as to the level of independence it desires from their software provider. We believe that it is our responsibility to earn our customers’ business every day and that our customers should be able to operate independently of TGI if they ever choose to do so.

What is the typical time frame for an Enterprise 21 software implementation?

Depending of the size of the manufacturing or distribution organization, most Enterprise 21 ERP software implementations take three to nine months. TGI has developed a proven implementation plan with a consistent track record of success. For more information on TGI’s implementation process and service offerings, please visit TGI implementations.

Will TGI help migrate existing legacy data into Enterprise 21?

Enterprise 21 includes a series of mapping routines for migrating legacy data into Enterprise 21. Assuming your existing system is ODBC compliant or the legacy data can be extracted into a flat-file format, the data can be migrated into the appropriate Enterprise 21 data tables in an easy and straight-forward manner.

Is 24-hour technical support and annual software maintenance available?

TGI offers 24-hour customer and technical support. When a call is placed to the customer support hotline, customers speak directly to a TGI software developer with an average tenure of over ten years experience with Enterprise 21. All software development, implementation, training, annual maintenance, and ongoing customer support is delivered directly by TGI. For more information, please review TGI services.

What describes the typical TGI customer?

TGI customers are small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. TGI customers select TGI for delivering superior software functionality and for TGI’s focus on developing lasting, strategic business partnerships with its customer base.

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