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Enterprise 21’s distribution software capabilities are utilized by leading wholesale distributors across a variety of industry segments. As part of Enterprise 21’s integrated wholesale distribution software suite, Enterprise 21 delivers a complete sales order management solution, including available-to-promise and capable-to-promise alerts and processes during order entry to improve order line item fill rates and reduce on-hand inventory carrying costs while increasing overall customer service and satisfaction. Read More...

In addition to order management, the Enterprise 21 wholesale distribution software solution includes a fully-integrated warehouse management system that is completely RF and barcode-enabled for superior, streamlined warehouse operations. Wholesale distributors can also leverage Enterprise 21’s ERP distribution software functionality for procurement, inventory control, transportation management, financial management, complex pricing management, quality control, attributed inventory, quoting and conversion to orders, kitting and assembly, light manufacturing, containerization of imports, landed costing, and customer relationship management in a fully-integrated distribution software system.

With the Enterprise 21 ERP distribution software solution, distributors receive comprehensive distribution management software functionality for improved customer service, reduced inventory costs, and streamlined, efficient data processing, resulting in record sales and unsurpassed bottom-line business performance.

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