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TGI Releases New Workbench Functionality to Provide Personal Workspace for Enterprise 21 ERP Software Users

Toledo, Ohio - August 18, 2008 - TGI, a leader in ERP software development for small and mid-market businesses (SMB), announced today that it has added personalized workbenches to its award winning Enterprise 21 ERP software. Read More...

The newly released workbenches are unlike other dashboards or inquiry screens available in traditional ERP systems. Enterprise 21's workbench technology allows for a personalized workspace environment that is generated by the user, for the user.

A given workbench provides a consolidated view of information within Enterprise 21. A workbench allows a user to accumulate and assemble various points of data within one easy to use inquiry screen. This newly created screen is designed by the user based on the user's individual visual and data preferences. When constructed, a given workbench displays information pertinent to an individual user's functional area and responsibility level. While workbenches can be shared among a group of users, they are intended to allow an individual to personalize his workspace without the need for customizations or changes to the application source code.

Workbenches may consist of data viewable in either a tabular or graphical format. A user's workbench can consist of an infinite number of tabs with each tab extracting data from one or more data tables within the Enterprise 21 system. Workbenches allow for a user to group data and accumulate a number of records to provide a group or dollar amount total.

Key workbench features include:

  • User defined inquiry screen
  • Tabular or graphical presentation of data
  • Individual selection of table and fields displayed
  • Personalized field placement
  • Ability to filter and group data in both design or live mode
  • Ability to display, hide, or move columns in both design or live mode
  • Ability to drill down to detail information via workbench hot buttons

When deployed properly, a given user can create his workbench to efficiently manage his workday with one convenient screen. From the personalized workbench, the user can quickly navigate to all other areas in the system to perform transactions, run reports, or view more detailed data.

A real world example of workbench usage is a sales representative's or sales manager's workbench. A sample workbench for a sales representative could include pending activities, pipeline reports, open quotes, sales order history, open customer issues, aged receivables, quota attainment, and virtually any other data that resides within the Enterprise 21 application.

While the above workbench is a sales workbench example, Enterprise 21's workbench technology is intended for all functional areas and would include other relevant business operations such as customer service, production planning, production operations, procurement and sourcing, warehouse operations, and financial management.

For additional information on Enterprise 21's workbench functionality, visit

About Technology Group International, Ltd.

Founded in Toledo, Ohio in 1990, TGI is an industry-leading enterprise software solution provider to small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors. TGI’s exclusive focus is on the development, implementation, and support of Enterprise 21, the company’s fully-integrated business management software solution. TGI is a privately-held organization with one of the highest revenue per employee ratios in the ERP software industry. For additional information, please visit

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