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50 Critical Questions to ask ERP Vendors

by admin

When evaluating ERP software solutions, it is imperative to understand the types of questions to ask ERP vendors when considering the that should be asked of each and every ERP vendor being considered. Our 50 Questions for Every ERP Software Supplier white paper in the TGI Resources Library lists 50 questions that are critical to a successful ERP selection project. While finding the best software fit from a functional perspective is of the utmost importance, selection teams need to ask questions geared towards finding an ERP vendor who can deliver the best solution and be a strategic partner for the organization in the long-run as well. Read More…

While the white paper poses some basic, general questions about product functionality, the white paper is not intended to be a list of questions relating exclusively to functional features; rather, the questions are designed to give the selection team a better feel for the software vendor’s general business philosophies, organizational longevity.

Examples of questions to ask an ERP Vendor:

1. How long has the vendor been in business?

2. Was the software being proposed developed by the vendor, or was it acquired from a third-party?), approach to ERP implementation and customer support (Where is the support team located geographically? Are ERP implementation services delivered directly by the software vendor or by a third party), annual maintenance fees

3. Does the vendor guarantee that their ERP maintenance fees will never increase?), software upgrades

4. Are upgrades included in the vendor’s annual maintenance fee?)

One can think of the white paper as a “Getting to Know You” list of questions to ask ERP vendors. To download the 50 Questions for Every ERP Software Supplier white paper from the TGI Resources Library, please click here.

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