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The ERP Selection Process: 50 Questions for Every ERP Software Supplier

by admin

We recently added a new white paper to the TGI Resources Library, 50 Questions for Every ERP Software Supplier. This white paper lists 50 questions that are critical to a successful ERP selection project and must be asked of every potential ERP vendor. While there are some basic, general questions about product functionality, the white paper is not intended to be a list of questions relating exclusively to functional features; rather, the questions are designed to give the selection team a better feel for the software vendor’s general business philosophies, organizational longevity, approach to ERP implementation and customer support, annual maintenance fees, software upgrades, etc. One can think of the white paper as a “Getting to Know You” list of questions to ask ERP vendors. To download the 50 Questions for Every ERP Software Supplier white paper from the TGI Resources Library, please click here.

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