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Successful product recall management is one of the most important challenges any food, beverage, medical device, pharmaceutical, or chemical company may face. With always changing and increasingly stringent FDA and USDA requirements, a product recall is a very real possibility and can have a serious impact on the daily operations of the organization. To aid manufacturers and distributors in the recall process, Enterprise 21 delivers a complete sub-module devoted to product recall management. This automated software solution includes both forward and backward lot traceability and serial number tracking, mock recall testing, establishment of recall-specific contacts for both suppliers and customers, storing of pre-defined documents and press releases associated with potential recalls, and the ability to e-mail these documents directly to the intended recipients.

If you would like to get a quick assessment of your organization’s readiness to manage a product recall, try taking our Product Recall Readiness Self-Assessment survey. This document consists of 12 basic questions designed to help assess your organization’s ability to manage a product recall successfully and efficiently.