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Food Processors and Distributors Require their ERP Systems to Enable Management of Items via Catch Weight Processing

Monday, September 28th, 2009 by admin

Food processors and distributors that produce and sell various meat-based products like those associated with chickens and turkeys have a unique need for catch weight processing.  Catch weight processing is used in wholesale distribution where the item’s actual weight varies from SKU to SKU.

An example of this would be chicken breasts, which could be processed and packed in four-packs for retail sale which are then shipped ten four-packs to the carton.  Let’s say, for example, the average weight of each chicken breast is 4 pounds.  However, the actual weight of the chicken breasts will vary piece by piece.

Therefore, when the retail four-packs are created, the actual weight of the four chicken breasts contained in that package is captured and recorded.  Then, when a series of ten four-packs is packaged into a carton, the actual weight of the chicken breasts in the carton would also be known and could vary from the average weight of chicken breasts in a carton.

Generally, while food processors’ and distributors’ customers would order and receive cartons of chicken breasts for retail sale or food service distribution, the associated customer pricing would be based on a per pound basis.  Therefore, strong ERP software systems like Enterprise 21 must enable food processors and distributors to record two quantities during key inventory transactions like production recording, packaging, and shipping – both the quantity of product cartons and the associated actual weight of the items contained in those cartons.

While retail and food service customers would place orders for a certain number of cartons of chicken breasts knowing each carton would contain ten four-packs with each chicken breast having an average weight of 4 pounds, the customer would be invoiced and pay a price per pound based on the actual weight of the chicken breasts contained in the cartons that were shipped to them.

Food processors and distributors can easily manage those products in their product mix requiring catch weight processing via Enterprise 21.