ERP Manufacturing Software for small to mid-market manufacturing companies

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A Fully-Integrated ERP Manufacturing Software Solution.

Enterprise 21’s manufacturing software capabilities are robust, easy to use, and utilized by make-to-stock, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and configure-to-order manufacturers across a variety of industries. TGI’s Enterprise 21 manufacturing ERP software supports process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, and mixed-mode manufacturing environments.

Process manufactures rely on Enterprise 21’s manufacturing software functionality to meet their complex and always-changing business needs. The Enterprise 21 ERP manufacturing software solution supports process manufacturers by offering complete lot tracking and traceability, compliance management, good manufacturing practices (GMP) support, quality control, recall management, shelf life tracking, market-based pricing, catch weight processing, formulation and recipe management, ingredient substitution, and bi-product and co-product management.

For discrete manufacturers, Enterprise 21’s manufacturing software capabilities also support attributed inventory, on-line product configuration, quoting and conversion to orders, bill of materials management, component substitution, lean manufacturing, project accounting including multiple billing methods, outside processing, and outsourced assembly.

Enterprise 21, however, is more than a stand-alone manufacturing software system - Enterprise 21 is a fully-integrated ERP system that encompasses order management, inventory management, procurement, RF and barcode-enabled warehouse management, advanced forecasting and planning, CRM, business intelligence, and e-Commerce functionality. All transactions and processes in manufacturing are directly linked to all other business departments and units throughout the enterprise to deliver vital, real-time business information via a single manufacturing ERP software platform.