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Software as a Service (SaaS) is an offering that is growing in popularity in the software industry. SaaS is a form of software and IT outsourcing in which an organization leases software licenses on a monthly, per user basis. SaaS pricing includes the cost for the infrastructure on which the customer is running the software and the associated infrastructure management services.

The SaaS model is used when a company does not want to implement and manage its own infrastructure. This would generally occur when a company is migrating from an older technology base to a newer one, or with a company in which there is little or no internal IT staff.

There are two key elements that uniquely differentiate TGI’s SaaS program from the traditional industry model. First, TGI’s SaaS customers can operate on their own configuration of Enterprise 21 to fulfill their unique business software requirements. Second, TGI SaaS customers can migrate from SaaS to managed infrastructure or to an on-site implementation as desired while preserving client-specific configurations and customizations of Enterprise 21.

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