ERP Implementation Services from TGI

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TGI delivers all ERP implementation services and post-sales maintenance and support for our Enterprise 21 ERP software via our staff of full-time resources from our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio. With decades of experience in the ERP industry, TGI has developed a systematic, guided ERP implementation approach. It is because of this process that TGI has achieved industry-leading software-to-implementation cost ratios compared to other software suppliers, resulting in dramatic cost savings and a low total cost of ownership for our customers.

As part of TGI’s industry-leading post sales support, TGI customers have access to the TGI 24-hour customer support hotline. Whenever a call is placed to TGI, the call is answered directly by an Enterprise 21 ERP software developer with an industry-leading average tenure of over ten years. No post-sales support is outsourced to third-party companies or sent off-shore. In addition, TGI offers affordable post-software sale maintenance that includes all software upgrades and any newly developed Enterprise 21 modules.

Manufacturers and distributors can acquire Enterprise 21 across a variety of options that include traditional acquisition of software licenses and associated infrastructure, outsourcing the acquisition and management of the associated infrastructure to a third-party firm through a managed infrastructure offering, or via a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, a form of IT outsourcing in which the software applications are run on infrastructure housed and managed outside the given customer’s facility, and the applications, infrastructure, and on-going infrastructure services are paid for on a per user, per month basis. Regardless of how an organization choose to utilize Enterprise 21, TGI can deliver the ERP implementation and customer support resources necessary for a successful go-live experience in a timely, cost-effective manner.