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TGI’s Enterprise 21 ERP system delivers a complete milk procurement software solution for cheese and dairy producers. Enterprise 21’s milk procurement software functionality allows cheese and dairy manufacturers to establish standard route pick ups for each of their supplying dairy farms, define their own unique milk grading system, track the quantity of milk picked up at each dairy farm site, define test procedures for each milk sample retrieved from each dairy farm, and enter test results directly into the software system. Read More...

In addition, Enterprise 21 will simultaneously track the lot numbers for the associated milk picked up from each supplier and track each of the milk ingredient lots through receipt into inventory, consumption in manufacturing, and eventual finished good shipment to customers, providing complete lot traceability throughout the supply chain.

TGI’s milk payroll software also enables cheese and dairy producers to define their own milk payment methodology for paying milk suppliers based on the milk’s associated test results for characteristics such as fat content, antibiotic content, and protein content, as well as define an infinite number of hold back codes and associated costs, such as freight costs and bank payments, to be withheld from each check written to the dairy farmers. Furthermore, TGI’s milk payroll software handles the electronic transmission of funds to the entities associated with the holdbacks.

TGI’s milk procurement software functionality is fully-integrated with the Enterprise 21 ERP system, providing cheese and dairy producers with a means to record and electronically store all data associated with the milk pay process while enabling full milk ingredient lot traceability throughout the supply chain and delivering real time business information to senior management officials for a more accurate view of their milk payment position.

Milk Procurement and Payroll Highlights

  • Supports the definition of standard route pick ups for each supplying dairy farm
  • Provides the ability to create a user-defined milk grading system
  • Tracks the quantity of milk picked up at each dairy farm site
  • Supports user-defined test procedures on a supplier-by-supplier basis
  • Supports the entry of sample test values for each milk lot provided by each milk supplier
  • Supports user-defined milk payment methodologies based on sample test characteristics such as fat, protein, and antibiotic content
  • User-defined hold back codes and associated costs
  • Provides for electronic transmission of funds to entities associated with the hold back codes
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